Learn How to Get Your Guaranteed Personal Loan - Even If Your Credit is Horrible

Do you have a horrible credit history that makes you look like a huge risk to every creditor that you approach when applying for loans? Bad credit can hit you like a lightning bolt. Just a few mistakes over the years that you fail to rectify can lead to credit scores that are unacceptable to most creditors and lending institutions. Your ability to borrow money is very important in our society where many things are so expensive that a paycheck would never cover them. If you are among those whose credit is horrible but you need to borrow money, do not feel alone. Thousands of people get the money they need for the things they need everyday and so can you with a guaranteed personal loan.

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Money Until You Are Paid Again

A guaranteed personal loan is a short term loan that is written until your next payday. Your guaranteed personal loan servicer does not care if you have the worst credit imaginable, they do not care if you pay anyone (as long as you pay them). In fact, they care so little about your credit history that they do not bother to run a credit check or do any type of credit inquiries into your previous credit performance. This means that nearly everyone who wants to take out a guaranteed personal loan is approved within twenty-four hours, hence the name, guaranteed personal loan.

To get your guaranteed personal loan, you will present the lender with a post dated check in the amount you wish to borrow plus interest and fees. The lender will hold the check you have given them until your next payday (which usually is up to a month away). The lender will then deposit your check for reimbursement into your checking account.

Lenient Requirements - Income And Checking Account Are All You Need

The only requirements to receive a guaranteed personal loan is that you have verifiable income and an active checking account with a positive balance (even if its just a few dollars). Even those who do not have an actual job can qualify for the guaranteed personal loan because this loan is available to people who rely on benefits from Social Security Retirement, Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), railroad retirement and other retirement plans, as well as those whose income is derived from child support, alimony, or palimony. You will be asked to present proof of your income such as paystubs or an income verification from the agency that issues your benefits, as well as a current bank statement to the lender before your loan is processed.

Many lenders of guaranteed personal loans do business online and these lenders often offer the fastest means to receive the cash you need. Online lenders can actually deposit your money via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) within just minutes of approval.

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