Finally a Solution to My Cash Woes

Many times I have been placed into a situation wherein I have no money left in my wallet and a bill arrives in my mail with a notice telling me that I have exceeded my credit limit or that I have x number of days left before they cut off my utilities or other services. This has been a source of headache for me especially when I have no funds left or I have just enough to help me make it through to the next pay day.

There were also times that I was a bit short in my shopping budget during my only free day from work for the week that I needed that little extra cash to help me get my reward for working so hard at the office. There was this one time that I stepped into my favorite shoe store at the mall and lo and behold, the limited design of this pair of shoes that I have been waiting for has arrived and all the other stocks were taken and the last pair was exactly my shoe size. Imagine how frantic I was when I had to call friends to borrow cash just for that day, promising them that I'd pay them the next week as I was about to receive my salary. Unfortunately, they too were at the same sorry cash-short state I was in.

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Anyhoo, there I was sitting at a café with my laptop just surfing the net when I found this ad about online cash advance here in Australia. I clicked the link and read that it was just too easy to apply for a cash advance. The requirements? A bank account and the state of being "employed." Just out of curiosity (and of course the desperation that that the last pair of stilettos that I so wanted was already being displayed at the store), I clicked on the apply button and filled up the form. I got an email saying that my salary loan has been approved and that I can easily withdraw the money from my ATM in a few minutes. True enough, I went to the closest ATM and tried to withdraw the amount I loaned for and there it was - the money in less than an hour!

Of course, I had to show off my new purchase to my friends and told them how I got saved by the Internet and the click of a few buttons. Since then, I have been using the online cash advance sites for my needs and wants without having to pay so much on interest rates and without having to go through the hassles of applying for a loan in a traditional brick and mortar financial institution.

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