Top 5 Most Embarrassing Ways To Get A Cash Advance

Have you ever been in the situation where you are trying to scrounge up enough change to get a tank of gas? Are you are just trying to find a way to get a couple extra dollars in your pocket until you get paid again? For your convenience below is a list of the top 5 most embarrassing ways to get a cash advance.

5. Call the IRS and ask for a cash advance on your next years tax refund. Just imagine explaining yourself to the IRS agent on the other end of the conversation. "Excuse me, Sir, I was wondering if you could just advance me a small amount of money until I file my taxes next year. I'm good for it. I get a refund every year. I am only asking for a couple hundred dollars. And by the way, can I claim married with ten dependents so that no federal taxes are taken out?" Do you really think you would get anything besides a huge heckle of laughter?

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4. Go to the bank and beg them for a small advance until you get paid again. Go to the teller window and let them know that you only need a small advance until your next paycheck. And tell them not to check your credit while you're at it. You could offer them your car as collateral, or better yet, tell them to just trust you... Where do you think that will get you? Probably directions to your local cash advance store.

3. Ask the grocery store manager if they can cash a post dated check for $300. The grocery store cashes payroll checks. Why wouldn't they hold a post-dated check for you for a couple weeks. You can plead your case that you spend a lot of money there and the check is only $300. Remember, you're good for it. After the completely shocked look from the clerk, you will again get the directions to your local cash advance store.

2. Ask your boss if he can pay you a week earlier. Your boss gives you a paycheck every week. Why wouldn't he just let you have your check a week earlier? If it only worked that way, everyone would be getting their check a week early. This will only get you a comment on your evaluation stating that you might be in need of professional help and you can't manage money.

1. Ask your parents for a loan. This is just an obvious embarrassment. You've been living on your own for a while. And now you'll have to explain every penny you've spent and what it was for. Maybe after the "You better grow up and be responsible" speech, they might loan you the money.

Why go through any of those completely insane embarrassing moments when you can go online and apply for a cash advance. A small loan against your next paycheck seems a lot easier than trying to get the money another way. The best part of getting a cash advance online is no one has to know about it except for you and the cash advance company. No embarrassing explanations, no questions asked. Just present the lender with a bank statement to show your direct deposit and they will gladly help you. When you're looking for a cash advance company, find one that has superior customer service accompanied by a low fee and enjoy the stress free week ahead.

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